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Opulence is luxurious and rich. Opulence is the Sweet Life Sundays signature scent and most popular. With notes of Black rose, grapefruit, plum, pink peppercorn, and labdanum.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Chantal Bradley
Exactly what I needed to start my day!

You can’t go wrong with this lovely candle! The smell fills up my apartment within minutes. The packaging is too cute as well! Thank you so much Sweet Life Sundays:)

Elena Singshinsuk
It’s an experience

As a mother finding opportunities to pamper myself isn’t always easy. I have to actively find ways to spoil myself. So I upgrade the latte to a lavender latte… add the additional 30 minute massage when I’m getting my hair done… and, my favorite, treat myself to the SLS candle bc sis, I deserve it. Even if all I get is a 20 minute bath surrounded by my 2 year olds toys… when I light my opulence candle and close my eyes, you can’t tell me I’m not at Tomoko Spa. SLS candles are an experience. You will not be disappointed

Ryan Lewis
Worth every penny!

I purchased Opulence and High Life, and I'm OBSSESSED! These candles are so fragrant and will fill/transform any room. High Life is the perfect balancing scent for working from home and Opulence is just what the doctor ordered to unwind after a long day of work. These candles are the perfect little luxury to brighten your day. Invest in these candles; you won't regret it.

Kevin Hillard
Hands down the best candle ever!

Highlife, Opulence, and Champaign life are the candles I will be addressing in my review

All three candles smell amazing! When I opened my package I was able to smell my candles immediately and since I didn’t know what to expect after burning I didn’t light my candle for a week and was still able to smell the candle when I walked by. Even after burning the candle I was able to smell it when not lit. The appearance of the candle went well with my decor which is a big thing for me. Also, I received a gift with each purchase I made. Out of curiosity I did a couple of experiments with these candles to test the quality, like the burn test to see how many hours my candle would burn, they legitimately last 50 hours. I also burned my candle in front of a breeze/fan although this isn’t a great idea but it didn’t leave smog when exposed which is important because It speaks to the quality of what is used for the wax along with the type of wick.
So I said all this to say that these candles will not disappoint you.

Danielle Darden
My favorite candle line!!

I LOVEEE these candles. I currently have Opulence and Champagne Life and they both smell amazing!
I love rich scents and Opulence is the one! It's an instant mood booster, I love burning it in the mornings and when I'm winding down at night. Plus the "wooden wick" makes the best crackling noises so it's so soothing it give me fireplace vibes but in a candle lol.

Champagne Life is my favorite to light in my bedroom and when I'm taking a bath- light and sweet and I love the jar! I'm reusing one because they look so cute on my nightstand! Okay both jars are a vibe it's a whole vibe and Jacklyn is amazing. I love the intention behind Sweet Life Sundays and the candles they bring a dose of happiness, luxury, and tranquility for myself, and I definitely plan on gifting them to my family, friends, and clients.

These are my go-to candles!!

Thank you so much for your support and purchase! I am so happy to hear what my candles add to your sacred space and yes to repurposing the candle vessels ! So happy to continue to #SparkLuxury with Sweet Life Sundays Luxury Candles!