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A popular seasonal scent from the summer is back by popular demand. Subtly sweet with notes of sparkling champagne, coconut, jasmine, and peach. A celebratory scent that is sure to lift the mood + vibe in any room!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kimberly Pope
Self Care in a Jar

I've been in love with these candles since my first order when I decided to "try them out." I have them in 3 rooms in my house, and each time I walk into that room the scent hits me - even when the candle isn't burning! I also have one candle that every time before I go to bed at night, I take a whiff just to set me right for a restful sleep. Opulence & Champagne Life are my favorite "candle cocktail." Now I just need travel sizes to take with me (hint, hint). I can't wait to continue adding to my collection!

Amy Cancillieri
One word… DELICIOUS!

So I got this candle from my good friend Jackie back in May…and when I say I literally didn’t want to light it because I wanted it to last forever! Not to mention you can smell it even when it’s unlit. Champagne Life is soo delicious and every one that came to my home when it was lit asked about it! Not only is the smell beautiful but the throw of the candle is outstanding! I didn’t have to have it lit very long before my whole apartment smelled bomb! Cant wait to try my next scent ❤️ Thanks Jacks!!!!

Randy Kenny
Amazing Candle

My fiancé chose the Champagne Life candle and we love it. Gives our new apartment a nice vibe with the smell and the sleek look of the jar. I was hesitant to spend this much on a candle but it's well worth it! This is the longest lasting candle we've ever had and I will absolutely be ordering another once it burns out.

Shaniya Thompson
BGL at its finest

First, I’m a sucker for presentation. So being that I could not physically smell the candles, that’s what sold me. Champagne Life is definitely my favorite. The scent is so bubbly and the oils saturate the air. Burns evenly, you can tell detail went into the production. Every scent gives you a different vibe and sets certain moods.

Thank you for your review and purchase! You described “Champagne Life” perfectly , it’s definitely bubbly and carries a slightly sweet scent. Thank you for noticing the details, I hope to have you return to #SparkLuxury again

Obsessed. These are so heavenly!!

Absolutely love these candles. I purchased Champagne Life and Opulence after experiencing both in my esthetician’s office during a facial. Cannot wait to buy/smell the rest of the scents and also will be great gifts.