• What makes you happy?
  • Are you willing to let go?
  • How does learning to live your best life sound?
  • Happiness is Everything.
  • Are you happy?
  • What’s your lifestyle?
  • Want to live on your own terms?


          Happiness is Everything

In the end, most people around the world strive for one thing, happiness. Are you happy? Are you trying to learn how to live your life on your own terms? You’ve come to the right place, Sweet Life Sundays. Sweet Life Sundays is a health and wellness destination, here to guide you on your journey to living the life you’ve always desired. I am here to educate, support, and push you when practicing not only self-care, but SOUL-care. My goal is to highlight helping others to live a life of authenticity on their own terms.


A note from Jackie

I created Sweet Life Sundays due to the lack of representation in the health and wellness industry that I have noticed over the years. I am a certified yoga instructor and a certified Holistic Life Coach located in the Los Angeles area with 5+ years in Operations Management for some of your fav boutique fitness studios. 

I have (and still) enter spaces that offer fitness, self-care, and other wellness services where I sometimes feel out of place and not fully welcomed. Self-care has become a huge trend in the past 3 years and unfortunately has been presented as a luxury (think expensive bath bombs, "splurge worthy" retreats, and weekly manicures/ massages). While I love to indulge in the aforementioned practices, this simply is not the lifestyle that the average woman is able to subscribe to and that is why I believe in not only highlighting self-care but Soul-Care as well.  

If you're in the Los Angeles area please be on the lookout for my yoga pop up series, I specialize in teaching "Yoga For Beginners" and "Healing Through Yoga" (follow @sweetlifesundays to stay in the know for our next event). If you're not in Los Angeles, send me a DM or an email so I can bring SLS to you (Virtually for now or in person post Covid)!


Love + Light,

Jackie Sweet