So a friend of mine (Maureen) has a business where she hosts vison board parties. We linked up last week at Bloom and Plume (super cute Black owned coffee shop in Silver Lake) to catch up and do some work. Mo shared with me how creating vision boards has worked for her and why she wants to host vision board parties for others so that everyone can learn the power of manifestation through vision boards. My girl literally manifested a new car into her life (after MONTHS of car trouble and almost purchasing to things getting in the way of not purchasing) and it is the same exact car on her vision board! The crazy part is, the car on her vision board wasn't even the car that she wanted, she just knew that she wanted a luxury vehicle so she placed it on her board... whew chile, won't he do it!

Now, I'm not against vision boards (I've created my last one about 2 years ago) but I have found that I am personally not fond of using them for myself because I'm an aesthics kinda' gal so I need the presentation of my vision board to flow with my feng shui (I can't be the only one who feels like this lol). So because I'm not with the white poster board, Elmer's glue, and Cosmo Magazine (yall know it's probably Essence Magainze cut outs forreal though), I had to find something that works for me. 

I decided to go on Pintrest and make a vison board! I went on Pintrest and typed in search words that I am looking to manifest into my life and found the pictures that would motivate me daily and really spoke to me. Then, I took a screen shot of the board when it was done and set it as the wall paper and lock screen on my phone. This works for me because I am always on / looking at my phone EVERYDAY...and its aesthically pleasing to me. 

Do you use vision boards? And if so, how do they work for you and what tips and tricks do you recommend!




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