Luxury:  1. a condition of abundance or a great sense of comfort 2: something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary 

When I was younger the word luxury to me meant something that was enjoyed by a certain class of people who had greater financial means than others. The world of luxury to me embodied a sense of exclusiveness and privilege for those that were considered “elite”. Now that I am older and created a world of my own I see luxury in a new light. 

As you may have noticed, the word “luxury” is trending heavily in social media right now, especially within the Black community (specifically Black women in luxury - check out my saved IG live with AJ Scribes discussing this topic). What I love about my generation (shout out to the Millenials) is that we create and define our own values and no longer hang on to every word and “rules” that our elders have passed along. Times are different, the economy is different, and we’re moving on a different type of time #Respectfully. The definition of luxury is personal and circumstantial in today’s society. 

My personal definition of luxury has changed over the years due to my desires changing and evolving, my age, and my finances. Although my personal taste and wants have evolved over time, elevated experiences are something that will always be one of my luxuries of choice. My simple definition of luxury enjoying the best that life has to offer and what I love about that definition is that it will vary from person to person based upon what we define as the best that life has to offer. 

Jacklyn Sweet

My Simple Luxuries 

While I enjoy the grand pleasures of life, I truly enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer as well. With COVID turning a lot of our lives upside down this year I have been using this time to reflect on all that I have in my life to be grateful for and have found ways to create elevated experiences with what I already have. I, like many other people, found myself out of a job during COVID and have been in limbo with employment since March of this year. While my income has been unsteady that did not stop me from enjoying the simple luxuries of life.

This past week I completed week one of training for a certification that I'm excited to share with you all once I complete my training at the end of the month. I was so proud of myself for successfully completing my first week of training and wanted to treat myself to a 3-course dinner at Tao (it's currently Dine L.A. and they have a 3 course special for $55 - with delivery it would have been $75). After 2 minutes of reflecting on a $75 dinner for one at home and not having a steady income currently, I decided to forgo that choice of celebration (let's wait until I fully complete training and get my certification to indulge at that price point). You can't be afraid to check yourself when needed! Instead, I went to Gelson's and purchased my new fav ice cream (the Bananas Fosters flavor by "So Delicious"), a pack of Belgium waffles (I put my ice cream on top of the warm waffle - game changer), and I would have gotten a bottle of wine but I didn't need it. Both of the items came to $14 and will last me until the end of the month to treat myself at the end of each week of my program. Not only did I just save $61, but I was still able to treat myself and saved money so that if I do decide to treat myself to a nice dinner at the end of my program I have the means to do so because I didn't overdo it at the beginning of the month!

SL In The Home

My home is one of my favorite places to enjoy simple luxuries, especially since the beginning of quarantine. I turned my kitchen into a mini cafe and restaurant setting with my table settings. I always keep a bottle of  KONO (my fav Sauvignon Blanc from Trader Joes, $8.99), JAM JAR (my fav inexpensive and delicious Shiraz picks for under $10), and a bottle of La Marca Prosecco ($12.99 at Trader Joes)  for when I want a glass of bubbles or create a brunch vibe from home. 

I receive many compliments on my stemware (I honestly LOVE drinking out of them because not only are they gorgeous but they elevate my home dining experience and elevate the look of my dining room table setting). Also a pro tip for living luxe on a budget: Dollar Tree has thee BOMB stemware…for $1! I knew they were known for their champagne flutes but I went to Dollar Tree for the first time in forever (I don’t have one by me otherwise I would be there frequently) and purchased the cutest margarita glasses, I immediately wanted to host a Taco Tuesday because of the glasses alone. 

 Jacklyn Sweet Outdoor Picnic





For me going to my favorite esthetician is currently a luxury and not a necessity so I have been treating my skin to much-needed facials… at home. Not all facial treatments are meant to be done at home or by you, so don’t go crazy and keep it simple! I like to keep the basics on deck such as a good facial steamer and a deep cleaning device that won’t damage my skin. Your facial products are what really matter the most when it comes to a good at-home facial. I love Vanity Planet’s selection of facial devices (use code: JACKLYNSWEETXEXFORA30 for 30% off your entire purchase) because they are reasonably priced and the quality of their products is great!

My skincare products are purchases that I do invest in because of the needs of my skin concerns I prefer to use medical-grade products that are not sold in drug stores and they just work best for me. I get all of my essential skincare products from Celeste Rodrigues skincare to help keep my skin in check. I also love to take a relaxing bath at least once a month and I swear the over tub bath tray is a must-have! I bring my laptop and watch Netflix (I love that they bought back all my childhood favs like “Moesha” and “Girlfriends”), have a glass of wine, and light my eucalyptus and spearmint aromatherapy candle… heaven! 

SL Luxuries Outside

First of all, outside is a luxury at this point! I’m a homebody at heart but quarantine has given me all the time at home that I needed, let me out! I have been loving outside picnic dates solo or with others, doesn’t matter to me. It’s something about packing a picnic basket full of my favorite things, a good book, a speaker, maybe some games if I’m having a picnic date when friends. Sunbathing outside in a park with a bottle of sparkling water, wine, fresh fruit, and a good read… such a vibe! Date nights may be thought of as a luxury now as well given the state our country is in with a lot of new restrictions, head over to my post “Dating During COVID” to see how my s/o and I are making the most of date night. 


Create Your Own Experience 

You define luxury. The beautiful thing about luxury is that it’s personal meaning that it is contingent upon the choices and experiences you choose and create for yourself. For me California sunsets are a luxury, my apartment is a luxury for me, the fresh flowers that I keep in my home and update weekly are a luxury, and my daily manifestation walks in my neighborhood are something that I find luxury in. Be grateful for all that you have. Luxury is no longer defined by what “The Jones’s” have, luxury is in your possession and looks like whatever you want it to be. How do you enjoy the simple luxuries in your life?



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  • This was such a good read! I could not agree more! We’ve really had to get creative with what we do and LISTEN, save them coins sis! A celebration will absolutely occur when you complete the certification! So so proud of you! I love watching you become who you were meant to be

  • Loved this read and reminder of little ways to have the luxury experience

  • I love this post! Some simple luxuries to me are fancy-ing up my cold brew in the morning, enjoying shrimp cocktail alone, hanging fresh eucalyptus in the shower & lighting candles to create a sexy, moody vibe.

    Allison Kirk (@coolrichmom)
  • Yes to simple luxuries!
    Mine are weekly fresh flowers, trying new snacks from Trader Joe’s, solo park dates, finding things on my wishlist on sale.

    Six Hawkins

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