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Traveling to Napa and Sonoma During Covid-19

Two weekends ago one of my girlfriend's and I decided to spend a few days in Wine Country to continue her birthday celebration. Now for those of you who may not be familiar wine country is located in the northern Bay Area and is known worldwide as a premier wine-growing region.  HOW TO GET THERE We flew in from Los Angeles to San Francisco and rented a car through Turo as we found it to be less expensive than using a car rental company. Although we flew into San Francisco we planned for 90% of our trip to be spent between Napa and Sonoma. Once we picked up our rental car for the weekend we did some brief sightseeing nearby, we stopped at The...

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Here is a list of 4 ways to assist you in becoming spiritually grounded. The practice of spiritual grounding helps to boost your self-confidence, take charge of your emotions, better capable of helping others, and being being present amongst a host of other rewarding benefits. Becoming a spiritually grounded person has assisted me in adapting the characteristics of being unshakeable and staying cool under pressure. 

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