We're finishing up our second week of the a New Year and a new month. My vision board is complete (on my phone, made on know how do). With my new year comes new goals and tightening up/refining loose ends from 2019. 

One of my goals is to save money and continue consistency with healthier habits. I moved into a new apartment (solo - which is a big deal in pricey Los Angeles) and I was fortunate to receive a juicer, a Nutri Bullet, and I purchased myself a Nespresso machine. All of these items I use regularly and I am able to cut down on spending money on pricey juices from one of the local trendy juice bars, and a pricey latte. While I'm at it, I have to share the glass bottles that I am obsessed with! The bottles come in a case of 6 and I use them to store my fresh juices that I make and as a water bottle as well. These bottles are not only give off a minimalist vibe, but they also help me to cut down on my use of plastic as I try to live somewhat of a sustainable lifestyle. 

The links to the products I own and love that assist in me reaching a few of my goals are linked above. What are some of your must have items to crush your goals for 2020?

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