I live in Los Angeles where the dating scene is trash (for lack of better words) and although you may think almost everyone is gorgeous and the dating prospects are endless, that is far from the truth. Couple LA’s sub-par dating scene with a global pandemic and I'm sure you’re currently losing hope on the future of dating (let alone an actual love life) as you read this blog post. Well I’m here to tell you that there is hope! 

If you follow me on Sweet Life Sundays Instagram page then you may remember at the beginning of the year I documented a small portion of my dating life on Instagram stories (I enjoyed recapping my dates with you all and how invested some of you were will following along!). Amongst my friend group I am notorious for using the dating app Hinge . My experience with Hinge has been great, the matches that I chose to go on dates with were cool and even though these dates didn't turn into relationships (until recently) all of the guys I encountered were cool some of them I have cordial friendships with via social media! 



Yes, I connected with my boyfriend on Hinge! However, we knew each other back in 2018 when he was my trainer at Equinox. . . so I guess you can say that him and I reconnected via Hinge. When he was my trainer it was strictly business and I had no idea that he may have been attracted to me (the guy didn’t even flirt with me, talk about professionalism). I ended up leaving Equinox in December of 2018 before my training sessions were completed and we never saw each other again until he picked me up from the airport in May of this year (L-O-L). It’s funny how the universe works!

Now I know you’re probably thinking, “How do y’all “date” during a pandemic?”. Well first off let me tell y'all that the "romancing" started when he picked me up from the airport (Again, that was our first time seeing each other since 2018 and we connected on Hinge in April so it had been a month of us dating at that point). He had red roses in the car, my favorite meal from True Food Kitchen, peach rings - my fav candy when I decide to indulge, and a huge Voss water (because ya girl came off of a 6hr flight, gotta hydrate). He made our first interaction so special, and it was appreciated.  May I add that he is consistent with making me feel special from the moment I stepped out of LAX into his car to present day. Dating during Covid doesn't have to mean getting fancy, it's about sharing and creating memorable moments with your special someone.  

Covid Dating With Mask

When I first arrived back in LA in May, restaurants were open for take-out only. Babe (because y'all dont need to know his name yet lol) and I would pick up food from a restaurant, grab a bottle of Prosecco, and head to the park for our dates and enjoy quality time.We are both very intentional and purposeful people (meaning we both knew and discussed with each other what we were looking to get out of dating and set "starter boundaries" in place to make sure we were both comfortable). When we first connected on Hinge and became reacquainted with each other we found out that we both enjoy reading and were reading about 2-3 books a month individually at the time.I suggested that we should start reading together, our first book that we read together was “Relationship Goals” by Pastor Michael Todd

Needless to say book dates in the park, scenic walks in different neighborhoods, and trying different take-out from restaurants is how we're making the best of our "date nights". It has been really refreshing to slow down on all areas of my life including dating, we always say we're taking the scenic route in our relationship (aka we're taking things slow and really getting to know each other).

When he officially asked me to be his girlfriend he surprised me with a butter cake from Maestros (my favorite) as we enjoyed an indoor picnic at my place and a nature walk to welcome in the Full moon that was taking place, followed by a perfect view of the fireworks from my kitchen window. Park dates may not be ideal or may sound boring to some but the thought, details, and intimacy that are involved with our dates is what I love and appreciate the most. 


We went on our first official date this past Saturday! We originally had plans to spend the weekend in Santa Barbara but the majority of the places on our itinerary were closed due to COVID so I found us another option! We went to the Gondola Getaway in Long Beach and had a private gondola ride for an hour. We enjoyed a bottle of champagne, watched the sunset, and enjoyed each other's company. It was such an amazing time, I highly recommend it. You’re able to bring your own beverages and/or light bites (it was the perfect excuse to break out my picnic basket).

Dating during Covid is what you make it, even if we weren’t in a pandemic it’s still all about perspective. If you want to date during this time I suggest taking the slow and steady approach, go with the flow as long as the flow is a vibe. Enjoy getting to know someone without feeling rushed!




  • Omg! I love this & love seeing you happy! So creative and a good way to spice things up! Can’t wait to see more

  • Simply love this!! I love everything about it! We hadn’t broken out the picnic basket since VCPO classic! Love seeing you happy 💕

  • I love it! Manifestations coming into fruition! You are so Deserving.

    Tanya Sweet
  • Love this! Thanks for giving us a peek into your process. All the best!


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