Over the past few months of being in quarantine I have spent more time with myself intentionally (and I’ve been loving it by the way). During quarantine, I felt one of the best ways to make the most of my time is by investing more into myself. One of the ways I chose to invest in myself was by consciously taking the time to tap into and further develop my divine feminine energy. 

What Is Divine Feminine Energy 

Simply put the divine feminine energy is about being, it is about presence!  The divine feminine is the one that finds her path from the inside out through love and feels freedom from within. The woman who embodies this energy is known to be magnetic and able to attract everything she wants knowing that it's the energy of co-creation and manifestation. The qualities that make you feel curious, vulnerable, and enchanted is the Divine Feminine Energy.  


5 Ways To Tap Into Your Divine Feminine Energy 

  • In the age of Girl Bosses and Boss Babes most of us are living our lives on “GO!” all the time. Truly, I have forgotten to simply breathe sometimes. Being present requires us to create the space to simply “be” and tune into our intuition. Creating space for me looks like starting my morning off by being still, I call it my “mindfulness moments”. My mindfulness moments consist of starting my morning off writing in my prayer journal, having hot tea or lemon water, and listening to soothing music to create a peaceful vibe. This creates a space for me to take intuitive action and connect with my higher power. 

  • This was hard for me to do for awhile in many different areas of my life. I am so glad I opened up and started to learn how to receive. Being an independent woman is something that most of us were taught and something that is glorified more so today than how our ancestors were raised to be. What I have come to learn is that you can not attract your deepest desires if you are not open to receiving them. When we allow ourselves to be open to receive, what we desire naturally comes to us because the divine feminine is magnetic! Let people help you! Allow him to get the bags, allow the offer from someone you trust to watch the children, allow him to fix things, and be open to receive the kind lunch offer. By being open to receiving you are creating more space in your life to receive more of what you want and deserve!

  • The divine feminine energy is a water energy, doing self care practices based around water will awaken the divine feminine within. Taking a bath, going for a swim, listening to the sound of the rain, or going out to the lake, are all great ways to awaken your feminine energy. I enjoy taking a bath and adding rose petals, lighting candles, adding essential oils to my bath water, and playing high vibrational music. 

  • DANCE!
  • Dancing awakens our sacral chakra. The sacral chakra governs our emotions, our creativity, sensitivity, sexuality, emotional well-being, and self expression. Shake them hips like Shakira and get low like Little John and the Eastside Boys said, awaken your feminine energy! Most of us are sitting or standing all day so our sacral chakra can use some extra love. Bonus points for you if you create a playlist to get your hips moving. I love to put on my playlist before date night in with my man or while getting ready for a good time with the ladies (nowadays it’s a night or day in due to Covid and quarantining). 

  • I love starting my day reciting my personal positive affirmations that I wrote out for myself (you can find some positive affirmations on pinterest if you are lost on making your own). Reciting your positive affirmations daily helps to motivate you to act on your goals/desires, change your negative thought patterns to positive ones, and influence your subconscious mind to access new beliefs amongst many other beautiful benefits! 

    Tap into your divine feminine energy and live a life you love! Let me know your self-care practices in the comments.


    • Love this, “ you can not attract your deepest desires if you are not open to receiving them”. 💭Needed that

    • Love this jax!! I will definitely take on these pointers

    • Yes!!!!!! Being a mermaid baths are amazing for me & tapping into the vibes !

    • I love it ofcourse !!!!!

    • I’ve been moving my hips and getting low like little John and the Eastside boys as of late, and let’s just at the divine feminine energy and harmony of the sacral chakra is present 💝

      Loved this pose! Excited to read more ✨

      Ashley Curtis

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