We’re about a little over 4 months into quarantine thus far (I’ve lost count at this point to be honest) and if I can sum up my quarantine experience in one word it would be PIVOTAL. I fully began quarantining while I was in New Jersey. I flew out there to spend time with my Grandmother who was in hospice care (non-Covid related). Needless to say, mourning the physical loss of my grandmother, being out of work, being involved in a new romantic relationship, and starting work again (then stopping due to the second wave of the “Safer At Home” order being in place in Los Angeles) really took a toll on me mentally, spiritually, and physically. 

Handling all of the above that has taken place in my life since quarantining in March caused me to double back on my self care practices and rituals to be able to maneuver through all of the said changes and pivots.

Here's how my self-care practices have changed over the past four month due to quarantine:


Exercising has always been part of my self care routine but I have found that during quarantine I have leaned on the benefits of exercise more than before (hello, the release of endorphins)!

Since most fitness studios and gyms have closed and some parks have implemented strict rules I have leaned on doing Hot Pilates workouts on Youtube at least 4-5 times out of the week to break a sweat. I used to go to the Hot Pilates studio in West Hollywood when we were allowed to frequent fitness studios and it has been a workout that I have been obsessed with since 2016. I love the toning, lengthening, and strengthening benefits that pilates offers. 


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  • If you follow me on my personal Instagram @jacklynsweet then you know I enjoy plating my meals and making them look beautiful. I have also taken the time to feng shui my kitchen/dining area which has made me more excited to dine in at home and makes my cooking experience feel luxurious.

    Thankfully, the farmer’s markets are still operating here in Los Angeles. I enjoy purchasing fresh produce, fruits, and sustainable fish and meats from the farmer's market to practice sustainability and support small/local business, especially during these times.

    Eating well is a form of self care! I now cook intentionally, play relaxing music while I’m preparing my meals, these small details help to make it more of an experience compared to how I prepared my meals pre-Covid. 

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  • “ME TIME”
  • If you’re quarantining alone you’re probably thinking “I don’t need anymore ALONE TIME”, but yes sis... you do! And for all my girl friends, wives, and mommy’s out there you definitely need some Me Time.

    I make sure that now more than ever before I incorporate at least 30 minutes of "Me Time" into my day. Sometimes I start my day off with Me Time by enjoying 10 minutes of simply practicing stillness, writing in my prayer journal and meditating in my sacred Zen space that I made for myself during quarantine.

    I make sure to plan an at home spa day for myself once a week and I make sure that it is done uninterrupted (no phone or distractions)


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    Now if you know me you know I was not the one to do my own hair (in fact I go so far as to call myself "hair challenged") or do my own nails. Well desperate times called for desperate measures! I have been doing blow outs on my own hair and have been doing my own gel manicure and pedicure. Sis is out here saving coins y'all! I am really proud on how well my blow outs have been turning out. I swear by this Gold N' Hot One Step Hair Dryer Brush and you can get your own at home gel manicure kit by shopping my Amazon Shop

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  • I feel that quarantine has helped most of us (including myself) slow down and simply take a breath. I am more intentional about paying attention to and doing things that mean the most to me. Things that mean the most to me are my relationship with GOD, being more intentional with my prayers and being consistent with my daily devotional readings etc, checking in with my loved ones, keeping up with my reading, as well as how and when time is spent between my significant other and myself. 

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    What are ways that you have practiced self care during this time? Please let me know in the comments!



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