As of late it seems that the idea and practice of spirituality is trending, but what does it actually mean to be “Spiritual”? I believe that everyone has a different definition of what spirituality means to them (rightfully so). 


My definition of being spiritually grounded is how connected I am to God and Mother Earth. Being physically connected to nature brings forth clarity and the mental strength needed to understand how to ground yourself. 


I enjoy going on mindful walks in my neighborhood, these walks help me to embrace the beauty that is all around me in different forms. I also enjoy going to the park to have a small picnic or simply enjoy a book while barefoot with my feet in they grass and/or dirt (it’s funny because I use to cringe at the thought of being barefoot in the grass or dirt -still lightly getting use to it to be honest). Living in Los Angeles, I am surrounded by beautiful hiking trails and love taking a hike to have moments of reflection to ground myself. Don’t be afraid to connect with nature, it’s truly a beautiful and liberating act!

 Runyon Canyon Hike


Being a plant bae is trending on social but for good reason! I have 4 plants in my apartment and they bring me so much joy. Plants provide positive energy and purify the air in your home, what is not to love! When choosing the plants that I currently have in my home I selected my beloved plants based on the maintenance they require. I have a Peace Lilly (she’s gorgeous but because my apartment isn’t huge her placement in my home is tricky because I have lots of natural light in my apartment - not a bad problem to have but it definitely has caused me lots of trial and error when caring for my Peace Lilly), I have a Fiddle Fig and two Snake Plants as well, the Snake Plants are very low maintenance. Go purchase you some plants, love them, nurture them, and allow your plants to bring joy and purity to your home!


Alo Yoga Yoga Set


The more you take the time to truly know and learn yourself, the more grounded you become. Digging deep into yourself can be a scary thing for some people, not everyone is ready to see themselves and uncover their flaws (truly looking at the woman or man in the mirror for all that you are). Being connected to yourself and the world around you is a part of being spiritually grounded. When you are disconnected from yourself and what is going on around you, you may find that you feel bouts of anxiety, become forgetful, dizzy, and changes in your body whether it be weight gain or weight loss (amongst many other things). We all have flaws, once we acknowledge them is when we can start uncovering our flaws and become a better version of ourselves. 


Oprah Winfery The Path Made Clear


I pray and I meditate. I pray and write in my prayer journal daily, I meditate weekly. When I pray I am strengthening my relationship with God and leaning on him [God] which in turn helps to  ground me in my faith. Meditation assists me in feeling more present, I like to do mindfulness meditation because it assists in the process of grounding myself spiritually. 


Paris M Hatcher Collection Prayer Journal

Becoming spiritually grounded is a personal process. You get to choose how you will spiritually ground yourself, this is your journey. I advise that you do what makes you feel good and brings you into alignment with the life you want!

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