clear or obvious to the eye or mind

Display or show (a quality or feeling) by one’s act or appearance; demonstrate

Be evidence of, prove

Clearly revealed to the mind or senses or judgment

Similar: obvious, clear, apparent, evident, transparent, undeniable



Address a solemn request or expression of thanks to a deity or other object of worship


We are all capable of attracting the lives we desire to live. Personally, I have found that when my life is not moving in the direction that I envision it is because I am standing in my way. That statement may sound cliche, however, it is true, and with these four steps that I am going to share with you on ways to attract the life you want you will see what I mean. But first, the power of prayer and manifestation (I believe that both are synonymous with each other, however, I agree to disagree with those that feel otherwise) is REAL so get right with your prayer life first and foremost.

To attract what you want you must first get clear on what it is that you want to attract. What is it that you desire? A new career, a healthy loving relationship, a fresh start in a new state, or maybe a new car? Whatever it is, you need to be specific about what you desire, the details matter (I know you heard the saying be careful what you wish for).

For example, I manifested my current apartment and the romantic relationship I am in. I prayed and manifested my current apartment and ended up getting more than what I asked for (whew my view and my brick walls are the icings on the cake). My boyfriend is everything I prayed for and more (I wrote the characteristics of the future partner that I wanted God to bless me with and he came through for ya girl - shout out to G-O-D) #WontHeDoIT!

I will keep it all the way real though, you not only have to be specific but you also need to be patient (patience is something I work on daily, it’s not my strongest suit). Just because you may pray on your desires now and then or daily doesn’t mean that what you desire will come into fruition overnight.

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What did Brittany say? “You betta’ werk bish!”. Your goals don’t work unless you do, it is truly that simple. I shared with you how I manifested my current apartment and my boyfriend and one thing I can say about those two examples is that even though both took a while to come to fruition for me (at least in my eyes), I continued to trust the process. While working toward your goals it is common to become frustrated and discouraged, however, when you stop trusting the process you show signs that you are vibrating at a low frequency and you are then putting out energy that you are looking for proof that prayer/manifestation/and the law of attraction does not work.

When I find myself vibrating low I remind myself that God has got my back AT ALL TIMES. I repeat my words of affirmations and I remind myself that I am getting closer to my goals every day that I work toward them no matter how big or small my steps are as long as I keep moving forward.


You are what you attract, if you’re giving off negative energy then you are going attract all that is negative. To attract abundance in the desires of your heart you have to raise your vibrations (energy)! I keep my vibrations high by expressing my gratitude throughout the day and writing in my prayer journal. I always have something to be thankful for daily! Staying genuinely positive and grateful is a sure way to attract goodness in your life.


If you have yet to attract what you want then the possibility is you resisting what God or whomever you believe in has to offer you (aka you’re blocking your blessings). For me, I can tell that I am getting in my way when I experience feelings of doubt, anxiety, and Lord knows I know how to procrastinate. Those are all signs of resisting what the universe (God) is trying to offer us. When I have those feelings I take a breath, step away from whatever it is that I am doing so that I can center myself, and help myself to get back into alignment so that I can get back to a receiving mindset.

We are all capable of attracting the life we want, we simply have to believe that we are deserving and trust the process so that we can receive our blessings. Keep your vibrations high, negativity low, keep God first, and know that you are deserving!



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  • Whew! I needed this. Let me go get my list together to manifest my partner 😂

    Thanks for sharing!

    Aisjah B

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